12" Gatefold LP


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After much antecipation and the sucess of his last album from 2009 “Japan Pop Show” (which Vinyl Land Records released a 7″ entitled “Compacto”), we are delighted to present Curumin’s new album “Arrocha”.

Released on vinyl in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with cover and inserts painted by artist Rodrigo Bueno, this record represents a step forward for Curumin and is sure to captivate new and old admirers.

Available exclusively for pre-sale today on Vinyl Land Records UK Store or on Curumin’s current Europe Tour gigs, be sure to grab your limited edition copy, only 500 were made.

Dispached from our warehouse in London from 18 April.

Listen to “Selvage” as a sneak peak into the world of “Arrocha” – more tracks available soon.

Released: 12 Apr, 2012 / SKU: V1245

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