O Culto Secreto do Anjo Gabriel

O Culto Secreto do Anjo Gabriel

12" Double LP (Red/Yellow Vinyl)


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Psychedelic Recife. The fertile soil of the city has inspired countless artists and its ever-changing music scene's been a stage for inovative and creative brazilian artists for the last twenty years. The city has been one of the places to be and to pay attention to when it comes to new, exciting music, in such a way that it is impossible to contain its music in a label. A good example of that diversity is Anjo Gabriel, a quartet inspired by the "udigrudi" movement a  wave of psychedelic artists that swept the north-east of Brazil in the 70s. Anjo Gabriel has local legends like Ave Sangria and Lula Côrtes as references, and plays a modernized, fresh version of the udigrudi sound. O Culto Secreto do Anjo Gabriel, the group's first record, was recorded analogically, and it is filled with surreal effects and sounds, a record that has both a London and a Pernambuco feel. As the initial 500 copies ended in less than 6 months, the band releases now the second pressing, limited to 300 copies of coloured 180 gram vinyl.

Released: 1 Jun, 2012 / SKU: V1245

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